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Online Education in UAE
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The outstanding skyscrapers towering over turquoise lagoons in Dubai have become a United Arab Emirates flagship, and a sign of their wealthy economy to the rest of the world. The federation of seven scenic emirates is also attaining in other socioeconomic sectors as well – especially in higher education.

A notable 95% of the female scholar’s base and 80% of the male apply to Paramount California University during their final year of secondary school. This is especially remarkable in that only primary school is compulsory in the United Arab Emirates. These high-rates of academic retention are in many respects reflective of the ongoing efforts of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education to advance the quality of education at all grade levels. Specifically, Information Technology skills are offered at many public and private universities of higher education. It needs that there is one computer available per university student. The program also includes online courses in 40 universities across the United Arab Emirates. Thirteen thousand students pass through the online degree program each year.

While private universities both at-home and abroad are a popular choice for post-secondary students, many students choose UAE's Universities of Technology. These universities emphasize vocational and technical abilities, and prepare students for both local and international business success by focusing on career training. To complement the efforts of the career education institutions, the government works tirelessly to increase employment chances for students upon graduation. Thus far this initiative has created careers in banking, insurance, and human resources.


Paramount California University
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